Tower Three Partners is a catalyst for change.

Tower Three Partners is a leading operationally-oriented private equity firm that invests in a concentrated portfolio of U.S.-based middle market companies. With long-term committed capital from major institutional investors and a senior management team that collectively has decades of experience revitalizing businesses, the firm targets equity investments of $50M to $150M that provide a catalyst for growth.

Alongside management, Tower Three Partners prioritizes and implements transformative changes in operations, strategy, growth and/or capital structure to significantly improve business performance. Our professionals are experienced in operational improvement, mergers & acquisitions and financial restructurings.

Knowing that financial resources is only one part of the equation, Tower Three Partners delivers KNOW-HOW by offering guidance, insights and direction in highly sophisticated, complex and ever-evolving business environments.

We think and act as operators by speaking management’s language.

We invest in a limited number of companies which enables us to actively engage in partnership with portfolio company management to deliver data driven insights to simplify complex issues and drive focus.

We stand beside portfolio company management to help prioritize and implement the necessary opportunistic changes and principles that help navigate all business challenges, foster growth, uncover opportunities for development and enhance efficiencies.

We do not manage or simply oversee—we transform.